Hannah Sawyer

Hey lovely,

I’m Han, Hannah or otherwise known as Aspens mum (my 9 month old crazy mastiff puppy)

I’m SO glad you’re here!

My mission is to help nurses, healers & empaths to master + become the Queen of your mind and your life so that you can show up as your most authentic, grounded, centered, confident AF self 

AND have the fierce mindset you need to thrive working in healthcare.

Nursing is freakin tough,

there are lots of personalities (🤪there’s always one …or 5.. person/s who come to mind immediately when you read that)

You deal with:

There’s a lot of moving parts all in the space of one shift and while I could go on..if you know you know.

One thing that I’ve learnt that CHANGED THE FREAKIN GAME for me as a nurse and empath was this little (big) thing called the INNER WORK.. now.. before you put it in the too hard basket think of it like this..

Hannah Sawyer

Imagine all of your experiences were like a bit of fizzy drink filling up a bottle..

Each life experience/emotional event means a bit more gets poured into the bottle.

You’re going through life, filling up, filling up, soon enough you have a full bottle…

Imagine walking into work *insert difficult situation* and this bottle gets shaken up so hard it explodes…

This is what happens when you don’t clear your own emotions, past traumas, feel your mindset is out of control and don’t have healthy emotional coping strategies.

This is where I come in.

I specialise in working with nurses because I’ve been where you are.

I’ve been on a huge journey myself throughout my career and I believe that there just ain’t enough help out there for us that can create permanent lasting change and actually shift who you are deep down ⚡️

When this shift happens you feel truly worthy, you can handle the challenges that come your way, you FEEL confident, you can communicate and use your voice clearly, you can handle and work through your emotions as they come up and feel safe in doing so.

I can’t wait to support you to do the same.

Han x

Ready to go from burnt out to bad ass?