Self-Love & Breakthrough Sessions

A deep one to one transformational journey working with the most powerful part of you - your unconscious mind.

This journey will support you to get rid of all heavy emotions from the past, all limiting beliefs keeping you stuck in the same cycles & rewire your brain to get you to where you want to be.

Imagine how life would look if you truly knew deep down and believed you were worthy of it all – it’s your time babe.

With the space held for you, you can leap into the most aligned, confident, badass version of you!

If you're a nurse, healer, empath or sensitive soul:

It’s time for you to be all that you are deep down before the world told you who you should be. Be unapologetic in who you are, that fierce, resilient badass version of you is waiting.

I want you to wave goodbye to negative self-talk and doubts for good, master your mind and feel confident in who you are so you love yourself and feel ready to take on the world!

I've had two sessions so far with Hannah and by the end of our second session, I felt so much clarity around certain blockages I had in my life. I'm truly grateful that I crossed paths with Hannah and to have her guide me through a phase in my life in such a beautiful manner. I highly recommend booking with her if you want to do some inner work and deep clearing of certain blockages/issues you may be experiencing right now. If you want to start to feel empowered in your own skin and your life, she's your gal to go to. So grateful, thank you Han!
Kam, New Zealand
Front of House / Admin
I spent 6 weeks with Hannah during our self love and breakthrough sessions and I am blown away by how much it has changed me. We dissolved so many limiting beliefs that kept me playing small and blocked me from seeing or reaching my full potential. I have become a much stronger and assertive woman in every area of my life. The space that Hannah held for me was so comforting and free from judgement that I was able to trust her completely. The work that Hannah is doing is very much needed now, more so than ever and I would recommend her to everyone.
Annie, WA, Australia
Naturopathy student

Here's to the next version of you.. she's ready and waiting for you to embody her.

Imagine you:

I get it! I spent many years caught in this cycle desperate to love who I was by trying to change everything externally thinking that was the thing that would make me happy. I obsessed over trying to control everything externally and drove myself slowly insane. It didn’t work!

My breakthrough came when I realised that what I really needed was to address WHY I was beating myself up and why I had certain beliefs around my self worth instead of just focusing on everything externally that I couldn’t control.

This shift in approach allowed me to overcome deep emotional pain I was holding onto, heal my relationship with myself, learn true self love & step into my power.

I want you to wave goodbye to negative self talk and doubts for good, master your mind and feel confident in who you are so you love yourself and feel ready to take on the world!

So how does the program work?

A six week one to one transformative container where:

The 6 weeks of self love & breakthrough sessions that we recently completed have been absolutely sensational! You have assisted me to clear negative beliefs & limitations, let go of the past & step into my true potential as a woman and as a nurse. You have given me the support & tools to take a good look inside & trust myself instead of relying on external factors for answers. You mentally prepped me for a huge job interview in my career & I'm certain this has been a major factor for me starting my role as a clinical nurse next week. I'm so excited to tick more goals off using the amazing tools you have taught me.

You're doing an amazing job & can't thank you enough!

Lots of Love, Bec xx
Bec, WA, Australia
Registered Nurse

While this is an overview of what we clear each session is very much led by you and what you are needing in each moment. We know that if you want to break any emotional pattern, change how you view and feel about yourself and how much you excel in your life you need to do the deep unconscious work to release your blockages and rewire your brain.

Limited spaces are available for SLBT sessions due to the intimate nature of the program.

Click the link below to book your free mini session to discuss whats coming up for you, gain deeper insight into your own subconscious limitations and what you can do to create your quantum leaps